Friday, January 20, 2006


Vincent has resumed his hysteria throughout the house, expressing himself with wild eyes and frequent urination. I considered throwing him out the window, to land on the soft snow three stories below and fend for himself, but I would have to tangle with Elizabeth then. So, instead, I've taken to withdrawing privileges from him instead.

1. He is no longer allowed in my room
2. He is no longer allowed to think about my room.
3. He must spend the majority of his day eating dust bunnies and killing any small bugs that appear near our festering kitchen corner

Urine, in addition to the recent malfunction of electrical wiring in my room leaving me in semi-permanent semi-darkness, has taken a toll on my days. Yesterday, I surprised my Czech co-worker in the teacher's lounge with an image of a young American with his face stuffed into his overcoat, sniffing fruitlessly for imaginary micturation. I've begun to hallucinate olfactorily. Something must be done....

Otherwise, things are spectacular. It's almost a sport when you must literally risk death while walking to work. When slippery ice covers 80% of your journey, hills prove to be the best.

What I miss most right now:

-The sun, my tan, and the warmth of the Arizona non-summer.
-Good Mexican food.
-Speakers for my music that are larger than my thumbnail.

What I enjoy right now:

-Walking everywhere, even in the snow. Being outside a lot allows you to see many things.
-Writing in general.
-Making new friends and meeting new people a lot.

Also: I've recently felt a great desire for a tattoo. I have never realistically thought about it. A small word in Hebrew, the meaning of which I would tell nobody, unless they read Hebrew. Below the knees. I know my family would hate me for it and probably disown me, but I can always get it lasered off, right? Well, that's what life is about. Doing things.


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