Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sure, there's a correct way to walk.

On cold winter days it is important to keep your head up as you walk down the street. (Unless, that is, you are navigating dangerous declines or frozen dog feces. There is one thing of which Prague has no shortage: dog feces on the sidewalk. At least it's frozen now. Like you just stepped on a rock. Better than in the summertime.)

When you walk out of your warm apartment into the dog-poo minefield and that scratching, sightless chill, it is natural to lower your chin to protect the neck and face. I do this myself. But, as I realized at 1:30 this afternoon walking to the metro, you hide yourself and divert your gaze. I learned when I was a kid to keep your chin up and to look at people when you walked. This way, you can smile at them and they can smile back. My heart always jumps when this happens. But I don't do it except towards pretty girls. So if you see me, and I am smiling at you, then I think you're pretty.

Keep your head up when you walk in the cold. It is not much worse, and your posture is better too. You wouldn't want to make a habit of walking with your head down all the time. La-ame...

For some reason I can't post pictures up on this anymore. I guess my free webspace only came with three pictures. So, if you are a visualphile, you're out of luck. Apologies.


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