Sunday, January 01, 2006

Snowflakes actually look like snowflakes sometimes

Image: The Scholarly Press © 2004
It's a difficult thing to know when you should actually write about an idea that you have. I think A Scale should be developed. If it takes less than 10 seconds to promptly abandon any future development, then it should be disregarded. If it takes less than one minute, then maybe you could use that as a way to come up with something more sustainable. Longer than one minute, you got yourself an idea.

The last idea that I wrote down, which is rare for me, is about a rogue former government official who decided to hijack the secret device that the Pentagon uses to make crop circles. This idea passed only the ten second test, since I was with a student at the time. I wonder if they knew that I was generating barely passable ideas instead of listening to them. Upon more reflection however, this idea seems a bit too ridiculous to expand upon. Not that I don't believe that crop circles are part of a vast conspiracy between aliens and government puppets serving radical Christian Scientologists. It's just impossible to prove it.
Maybe someone credible--like Dick Cheney or Mel Gibson--would endorse my seemingly farfetched, but completely believable theories (would you really be surprised if the New York TImes published a story like this about our govt?)

Writing about not writing anything. Hey, I think I got an idea....


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