Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dreaming; Part Two

Tomorrow came and is in the process of leaving in a wet flurry. Last night, I dreamt actively. In my dream, I was walking with a heavy bag. I did not look to see what was in it, what was making it so heavy. The strange part was when I realized that the more I walked, the lighter the bag became. My legs felt stronger, so that I began to drift, not using my legs at all anymore. I was floating, suspended above the group slightly, still moving forward, but faster now. The sensational was that of snowboarding down a hill that you are not really sure exists. The cold patted my face with its tiny hands, and I started to go even faster. I became scared, and then, completely calm. My mind was controlling my speed, and I deliberately slowed down. I woke up feeling as though a lot of good blood had been coursing through my limbs.

The second country I would like to visit is Slovenia. Do you even know where this is? This tiny jewel sits cradled by northern Italy and southern Austria. With only three million people, living standards are higher and more pleasant than any other non-western EU country. With most of Greece more easterly than every eastern-EU country, we may need to re-evaluate what is considered Eastern Europe. Especially when Turkey joins.

Slovenia is of the former Communist Jugoslavia, flanked by snowy mountains and silver landscapes, and even beach. It is small, charming, safe, and gorgeous. Go up to the "Links" section of this page to see a great map of Slovenia.

The sun was down by 4:30 PM today. I think this could affect me.


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