Saturday, December 31, 2005

A 20-something

I am sitting in my strange apartment in Zizkov, a neighborhood in Prague where, apparently, all the best restaurants are placed. I watch Vincent as he stares out the window. He does this for several hours a day. I guess it's his television. The coffee maker, which makes mediocre coffee even if you're using grade A Colombian stuff, is gurgling and spitting in the kitchen. I should get my coffee soon before it becomes, in addition to bad, cold too.

It is New Years Eve Day and I am wondering how I ended up here. Aaron and I had been talking about what we thought we would be doing in our mid-20s. Well, that really depends. If you'd asked me ten years ago, I would not have thought that I would be sitting in Prague typing while my coffee got cold and watching my plants die (I am blaming the lack of sun now). I don't think I even knew where Prague was ten years ago. I mean, Prague was here, but I did not know of its location.

I thought that I'd have graduated from some prestigious school working in a highly-paid job and wearing a suit everyday. A wife would have materialized at some point, a gorgeous professional who also led the high life, and vacations/kids/new things and consumerism would pack the horizon. I guess this is what the late H.S. Thompson meant by "humping the American Dream".

Well, now the "American Dream" happens mainly outside of America. It is the Global Dream now, flavored with the Colonel's secret seasoning. Imagine a world where the differences between all of its amazing cultures and people were slowly becoming more like one group, a group that is leading the world in stupidity, obesity, poor health, no exercise, violence, advanced weaponry, and mass media. Don't get me wrong here--America is a wonderful place. It is simply being led poorly, and the people are reaching critical mass. They won't stay stupid, fat, and consumer driven for too long. A revolution is coming. Americans must take the reigns of their powerful starliner and learn about what is really going on. One small weblog is a start, I guess.


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